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  • SUPPORT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Start the morning with a strong defense; A mixture of mushroom espresso with natural instant espresso and 500 mg of natural chago + Cordyceps mushroom powder; plus natural eleuthero root, a superfood powder that helps keep fit
  • YOUR DAILY BODYGUARD: The Chaga mushroom accompanies immune functions; Each pack contains 350 mg of wild-harvest Siberian chaga mushroom extract, which is best used on fruit bodies.
  • ANTIOXIDANT PROPERTIES: Four Sigmatic espresso contains natural chaga mushroom powder, which has antioxidant properties to support immune function and well-being; 100% natural espresso also has antioxidant effects
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY DIET: Ideal for our vegan, keto, dairy or gluten free friends; Only herbs natural elements; No carriers, fillers, herbal flavors or synthetic flavors; All the elements are definitely made like wild rice
  • LONG TO PREPARE Like an espresso, now it is nothing but a sponge; Ready to drink in eight ounces of fluid. in warm water; Only 1/2 coffee as a daily cup of espresso (50 mg)

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