Mud Water 90 Serving Bag Review

If you’re fed of getting out of your MUD WTR coffee again and again, then 90 serving bag is here to help you out. This 90 serving bag of MUD WATER contains 540g of mud and it will last you longer than other mud products.

It comes in a matte black serving bag which is also recyclable.
The 90 serving bag is best for you if you’re sharing the mud water coffee with your family or roommates. It has 90 serving of muds and if you consume it as one cup daily, it will last you around 3 months.


On-demand: $125
Subscription: $100
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What does the MUD contain?

The mud is not just a single ingredient rather it contains numerous different things.

Masala Chai
The first ingredient is the Masala chai. When you take the first sip of hot MUD Water, it will take you back to India’s colorful and vast fields. You can truly feel the bliss of the natural spices and exotic taste with this drink because of the presence of a masala chai.

The masala chai itself is a mix of various organic products; ginger, nutmeg, black paper, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves.

Lions Mane
The next main ingredient is Lions mane. According to the evidence, it has been a part of Japanese and Chinese medicines for centuries. Many research studies have been conducted on this single ingredient, and it has been found that Lion’s mane can protect from dementia and help repair the nervous system.

Reishi is another mushroom that has been added to Mud water. It has been a part of Chinese culture for over 2000 years, and it is known as the ‘’king of mushrooms’’ for its health benefits. Reishi contains many Buy here Now and beta-glucans.

Chaga has been a well-known thing in the Eastern culture for centuries, and the natives used to drink it for its numerous health benefits and soothing properties. It is a kind of mushrooms which grows on birch trees.

Belonging to the fungi family, the cordyceps are added to MUD/WATR because of their physical health benefits. It is used by many athletes and sportsmen to boost stamina and energy.

If you have been following some DIYs, you must have come across this magic ingredient. It is one of the most beneficial compounds on the planet earth not only because of its countless health benefits but also its taste and color.

Cinnamon is famous for its top-notch flavor. But nothing in the MUD WTR is added for flavor only. It has been used as a medicine for many centuries, and even today, many people regard it as a potential medicine rather than a spice.

What comes to your mind when you hear this word? For me, it’s all about the exotic chocolate feel and flavor. In some cultures, people used to worship Cacao and regarded it as ‘’food of gods,’’ and we can completely comprehend the reason for doing so.

Himalayan Salt
The last ingredient is a salt. Yes, you heard it right, a salt in your morning drink. It might sound a bit weird, but it has many health benefits. Plus, it helps to balance out the tastes in the most subtle manner.


Is it safe to use Mud water?
Yes! It is entirely safe to use mud water. No one has yet faced any serious medical condition due to it. You can consume it on daily basis without facing any issues. However, be very gentle and don’t consume too much amount of it.

Are both mud water and mushroom coffee the same?
Some people call both these as same because the mud water contains different kinds of mushrooms. But that’s not true. Both of these things are not the same. Mud water is not just mushroom coffee; it is much more than that.

Does it contain sugar or artificial flavors?
No, there is no added sugar or artificial flavors in the mud water.

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