5 Reasons Why You Should Give Up on Coffee

Coffee is now a necessity for a lot of people these days around the globe. Some people do take it as a recreational drink once in a while, but others have made it a habit and cannot function without it at all. On the other hand, there are also people who misuse coffee or even abuse it by taking it constantly to get rid of sleep and to elongate their productive times, especially at night. Now, although you might think it is a very effective and a useful think to consume since it does give you an energy and a productivity boost, but in reality it finishes you in the long term and drowns you into thousands of other problems. Coffee alternatives like MUD WTR now serve as great healthy alternatives.

Excessive coffee consumption is extremely deleterious to health and following are the five reasons why you should quit coffee immediately and shift to other alternatives like the MUD/WTR:

Body building immunity to coffee effects

One of the primary reasons to drink coffee is to get a quick energy boost and productivity increase but we do forget in the process that by doing this, we are trying to fool our bodies which are amazing creations of God. Hence, with time, the body starts to learn about this little secret trick of yours and begins to create tolerance to coffee effects and the effects start to get very less intense and eventually wear out. Now, you will have no effect whatsoever after having coffee because your body is now immune to the effects of coffee. This is the same as when your body grows immunity to certain kinds of medicines. Not only does this is disadvantageous for you in terms of no more effects of coffee but also really harmful effects on your body while creating an immunity for coffee where your blood cells have to overwork.

Tooth decay and stains

Look at your perfect smile in the mirror. You look so wonderful. Now, do you want that smile to lose its spark just by your teeth losing its whiteness and getting stained? Certainly, you do not want that. And a lot of credible research studies suggest that coffee is one of the primary reasons of tooth decay and stains to your teeth. It not only ruins the looks of your teeth but also the teeth health. After a while, your teeth might start breaking or might not remain as strong and some pain and stinginess in the teeth is not an uncertain thing too. 

Hence, for the overall good health of your teeth, in fact to just avoid from getting it ruined, you need to stop drinking coffee. An alternative is mud water which not only protects your teeth from decay and stains but actually improves your oral health overall. It improves your breath quality and also helps in whitening your teeth and strengthening them. The life of your teeth increases considerably by shifting from coffee to this mud water.

Coffee tends to get power over you

The addiction, of coffee or anything else, is extremely detrimental to health and this includes a person’s mental health too because the addiction tends to take control over your mind gradually and you start becoming its slave. You are a coffee addict, you get up in the morning, you do not get a perfect blend of coffee and guess what? You will feel moody for the entire day. 

This means that for a mediocre cup of coffee (yes, you might not like calling it that), you will be misbehaving with your loved ones and would not even be able to do your work accurately. Everything will be ruined by your unfulfilled addiction.

This is called giving something control over your mind and body and your entire self. You cannot afford that. Especially not in these trying times when everyone is going through something or the other and no one will tolerate your bad mood.

Blood Pressure

Amongst several other health issues caused by coffee, high blood pressure is one which can be extremely bad for health in the short term as well as long term. In the short term, you will face the direct problems that the high blood pressure causes like fatigue, mood swings, annoyance, frustration, headache and so on, and in the longer term, there will surely be nervous damage in your body and your body will be very weakened due to this issue. 

Yet again, the mud water alternate is very beneficial in this aspect as it not only not causes any high blood pressure issues, but in fact it improves your overall health and the blood flow in your body. Hence, it is not only good for you in the short term, but also in the long term.

Quality of sleep

Even though the coffee is aimed at delaying your sleep but what it also does is that it deteriorates the overall quality of your sleep whenever you plan to sleep even after a while. Studies suggest that you will not be able to sleep well if you had coffee even a couple of hours ago. That is also true for times when you are really sleepy and tired and are aiming to sleep but you still cannot. 

In the longer term, your sleep pattern will lose quality and you will keep waking up again and again in the middle of the night too if you have had coffee a while ago.

Coffee Alternatives

Mushroom coffee’s like MUD WTR is proven to be a good alternate of coffee with all the cons of coffee cut out and some additional benefits added to the recipe. It helps you improve your alertness, gives you a better immune system, acts as an energy booster, has a great exotic taste and also improves your mental capacity in the longer term unlike coffee. So, what are you waiting for? read this detailed review on mud wtr today and bid farewell to all the issues that coffee has to offer.

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