Mud Water & Masala Chai Review

If you have gone through the ingredients list of MUD WTR, you must have read the word Masala chai. But what exactly the masala chai is? Masala Chai is a kind of Chai (tea) with added spices. Originating from the Indian region, this is a flavored beverage brewed from black tea and aromatic herbs and spices.         

Masala Chai is one of the exotic ingredients of MudWtr. When you take the first sip of hot MUD Water, it will take you back to India’s colorful and vast fields. You can truly feel the bliss of the natural spices and exotic taste with this drink because of the presence of a masala chai.

The origin of Masala Chai

The Masala chai dates back to 1835 when British people planted Masala Chai in the Assam region of India. That is from where it got the popularity. To date, a large number of people prefer to have Masala Chai as their first morning drink. 

The emergence and dominance of Masala chai is all because of its extraordinary flavor. It has a perfect balance of flavors with numerous health benefits. 

The founder of Mud Wtr was from India, and that is why the Masala Chai became an essential part of it. The Masala Chai, mixed with other organic ingredients, makes the Mud Water an exceptionally healthy and absolutely tasty drink. 

What Masala Chai is made from?

The masala chai itself is a mix of various organic products; ginger, nutmeg, black paper, cardamom, cinnamon, and cloves. All these organic materials are mixed together in fixed quantities to make the perfect Masala Chai. 

Masala Chai and Mud water

Chai is one of the widely liked morning drinks all over the world. Many people prefer to have Chai as a morning drink instead of Coffee. But to step up this game, the MUD WTR is introduced, which is a perfect blend of Chai and an absolute substitute for coffee. 

The Chai used in MUD WTR is not your regular tea; rather is Masala chai, which is full of flavors and aromas. 

In addition to being delicious and full of pleasant aromas, the Masala chai has numerous benefits. It improves the overall health benefits of MUD WATER. 

Apart from being a part of the MUD WTR, the Masala Chai is loved as an individual drink by millions of people. Especially if you belong to South Asia, you must have probably devoured at least one cup of Masala Chai. 


Benefits of Masala Chai

  • Chai (tea) is the best alternative for caffeinated drinks because it induces alertness without jitters.
  • The added ginger, black paper, and cloves are best for better digestion.
  • Masala Chai tastes better when combined with other ingredients.
  • Masala Chai relieves aches and pains instantly.
  • It also helps with weight loss. 

Masala chai gives a perfectly balanced taste to MUD WATER that makes it outstand all other drinks. Try it, and I assure you that it’s going to be your favorite. 

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