Which Mushroom Coffee? Mud WTR vs Four Sigmatic

Coffee has long been an addictive drink for many. It comes with many benefits but several disadvantages as well. With every other thing on this planet having a substitute and alternative, coffee also has amazing alternatives now which are much more beneficial with the least side effects. These alternatives include tea, Mud Wtr morning kit or evening kit, Four sigmatic coffee and other alternatives.

The shift away from coffee

Overconsumption of anything can be harmful. Likewise, overconsumption of coffee is extremely harmful. Firstly, you can easily get addicted to it and addiction to anything is definitely not good. Furthermore, it can lead to high blood pressure, faster heart beating, insomnia, anxiety, and disruption in sleep quality in the long term and so on.

Hence, it is a need of the hour that you leave behind coffee and move on to better things that have all the benefits of coffee but none of its flaws. This is just like how you have done with all the other things like the shift to smartphones, smart cars and so on. Change is the need of time and change is the only thing constant in life. 

Better options than coffee are available and have been available for a while now. The question now is about which of the alternate options to choose as there are several. The choices are many, but you have to make an informed decision and a very thoughtful one that you should not regret in the time to come.

Choosing alternatives

Two of such alternate choices that you can choose from are Mud Wtr and Four Sigmatic. Both of these drinks are gaining great popularity across the globe and people are actually recognizing the benefits that these drinks have to offer and are shifting towards them. Hence, the traditional typical coffee market and all the related markets are losing their shares.


Mud WTR is an alternative of coffee that is made up of all the natural ingredients but has eliminated all the bad things that coffee has. The caffeine proportion is reduced to as much as 1/7th of the amount of caffeine present in coffee. Hence, Mud WTR gives you all the benefits of coffee such as the energy boost and focus without the jitters and other issues of coffee. 

Mud WTR is made up of natural ingredients including Cacao, Masala Chai, Turmeric, Sea Salt, Cinnamon, Chaga, Cordyceps, Reishi, Lions Mane and nothing else. Yes, there are no hidden ingredients in Mud WTR that you should be worried about. So, be tension free and enjoy your drink which is all natural and all beneficial.

Here is how you can make your own mud wtr at home

Four Sigmatic

Four Sigmatic is another coffee alternative that is marketed and crafted in a very unique way. There are three different segments of beverages marketed by the company in a very different way and they function differently too. They are marketed under the names: think, defend and chill. Different packages are offered on Amazon, Ebay and Walmart

I think coffee is a great way to focus all day long, defend it for your daily nutrition and to strengthen your immune system, and the chill coffee is to make you feel much more relaxed and calm as the name suggests. Yet again, the products are made up of all natural ingredients and are not at all harmful for your body.

Mud WTR vs Four Sigmatic

This is a tough choice to make as both the products are extremely beneficial and have their own unique specialties. Both are natural and offer relief from a common problem that is the cons of coffee.


Diving into the differences that both of them offer that might help you decide on a better drink for you personally, first of all we can look at the different variants in which both of them are available. 

Mud WTR is only available in one variant which is the typical Mud WTR, and it is the original blend. However, it is available in different packages of different sizes. 

On the other hand, Four Sigmatic offers a lot of choices and variants for you to pick one that suits you the best for the purpose you intend to use it for. When you visit the Four Sigmatic website, you see that you can shop on the basis of two categories: you can shop by product type or by the benefit. In the benefits you have think, defend and chill while in product type you have coffee, protein and cacao. All these variants offer different benefits and serve different purposes. 


Both of the coffee alternatives have some similar and some different ingredients but an assurance is that all the ingredients used in both the products are 100% natural and organic. 

The ingredients present in Mud WTR are chaga, reishi, lion’s mane and cordyceps which are a part of Mushroom organic blend and cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg and cloves which are all organic spices, and black tea powder, Himalayan pink salt and cacao. 

On the other hand, the Four Sigmatic generally has Organic mushroom, herb and spice blend including chaga, reishi, moringa, tulsi, ashwagandha, eleuthero, amala, schisandra, cinnamon and yacon which are all natural and 100% organic. 


Both of the products taste really good and while taste is generally a subjective thing, people do not usually dislike the taste for either of the two products. Neither of the two products use any kind of sweeteners or unusual tastemakers. Hence, you can be tension free if you are putting any harmful thing in your body. 

Four Sigmatic has a cinnamon flavored taste but its strength depends on the quantity of the product you use in your drink. Adding to this, the drink does not remain grainy at all since the powder is perfectly mixed in your drink and none of it insoluble.

As far as Mud WTR is concerned, the taste is less like coffee and more like chai tea. However, the taste is much milder as compared to chai tea. The blend is not sweet at all and has a subtle chai tea taste. From chai tea, the most prominent taste in the Mud WTR is of the organic spices that are used in the ingredients of Mud WTR. These spices include cloves, turmeric, cinnamon and nutmeg. 

There is no taste whatsoever of mushrooms in either of the drinks. Hence, you do not have to worry about a weird taste of mushroom in your drink. 


Price is an important aspect while deciding on a choice between couples of options. The price difference is not that significant between the two though. Both the products are very reasonable in prices relative to their quality and their quantities offered. 

For the purpose of comparison, we can have a look at the prices offered by both the companies for their respective products. For Mud WTR, which is available in multiple packaging sizes, you can get a packing of 30 servings for $60 if you get the product for the first time or a single time. On the other hand, if you choose to select the auto ship feature which ships the product to you whenever it is about to end with you, you can get it for $40 for 30 servings and $100 for 90 servings.

In contrast, Four Sigmatic is a bit cheaper and you can buy 30 servings for as low as $30 on a one time or first time order and on auto ship feature, you can get it for $24 for 30 servings. 

The auto ship feature by both the companies is very reliable and they keep a record of your buying and consumption patterns so that you can get a non-stop supply of your favorite drink’s doses. 


Nutritional wise both the drinks have many health benefits including reduced jitters, greater focus and energy and a boost in the immune system to name a few.

A single cup of Mud Wtr will give you 20 Calories only which is amazing if you are looking towards a healthy and low calorie diet. A single serving of this drink will replenish your body with 4g carbs, 1g fiber, 5g fat and only 10mg sodium. The nutritional value is simply amazing considering you will get the same boost and kick as in a coffee but with so much nutrients.

A single serving of Four sigmatic adaptogen blend has even less calories i.e. 5 Calories only. You will only have 1 carb per serving which is a mind blowing figure. Four sigmatic is a very healthy option as its main focus is to use natural quality ingredients only which is quite rare for many energy drinks. Even for the vanilla flavor, Four sigmatic sources real vanilla beans to add in their drink. 


Caffeine is the main culprit in coffee which makes you addicted to it. Your body will not be affected by caffeine if it is taken in very minute quantities and that too not regularly. Regular intake of caffeine even in small quantities can be damaging for the mind and body. These alternative drinks have the main advantage of reducing caffeine intake in the body.

Mud Wtr has caffeine in it but that is only 1/7th the amount of caffeine you can find in coffee. This means it will be 7 times less damaging than coffee and therefore, can easily be taken on a daily basis without worrying about your health or getting addicted to it.

However, Four Sigmatic adaptogen blend is completely caffeine free which means it is absolutely safe to drink anytime of the day and even regularly. If you are including this drink in your diet then it is not necessary that you replace your old drink completely. Since it has no caffeine you can easily continue to have a single serving of your old drink and then gradually get rid of it.


The packaging of a product is really important to attract customers and make them want to buy the product. The packaging of a product also reflects on the vision of the company. If they are considerate about the packaging and want to make use of recyclable material, then the product is definitely worth trying. At least they are playing their part for a healthy earth.

Mud Wtr comes in two different sizes. The 30 serving size is available in a tin can which is not much considerate towards the earth. However, instead of throwing it away you can reuse it in your kitchen for storing purposes. The smaller portion comes in thin plastic bags which can be recycled if the facility works on it.

All flavors and sizes of Four sigmatic adaptogen blend comes in a sustainable designed container that can easily be recycled. It is a great thing for the environment. This way four sigmatic blend is not only healthy for your body but healthy for the environment as well.

How to quit on coffee and go for alternatives?

The adverse effects of coffee are no longer under the curtain. Most people are now well aware of how harmful excessive coffee drinking can be for their body. The majority who drink coffee are not only coffee lovers but coffee addicts in actuality. 

Addiction can be difficult to give up but with steadfastness and determination one can achieve everything. You do not have to cold turkey to quit coffee. This will again have a negative impact on your body and mind.

The healthy way to quit coffee is to first reduce the coffee intake by one serving at a time and be regular on reducing the intake. Then, find better alternative drinks that work great for your body and also have a nice taste to it. 

Final verdict

So, the choice is very subjective and we highlighted a few points here that will help you make a decision which you will have to make yourself eventually. However, whichever drink you choose, it will be natural and organic and you will not have any regrets. In fact, you will surely be glad that you quit coffee and shift to these alternatives.

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