8 Amazing Mushroom Coffee Recipes

Mushroom coffee is replacing regular coffee on your kitchen shelves faster. It has attracted numerous daily coffee consumers and stuck ever since. 

However, what is it about mushroom coffee that you should also try? Mushroom Coffee has been reported with less caffeine percentage than regular coffee. Not only that but it has additional health benefits. Not to mention choosing the best mushroom coffee depends on your knowledge of mushrooms.  

For starters, mushroom coffee contains adaptogens like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chagga, and Turkey Tail that increase your functionality. Moreover, these are medicinal herbs that lift your spirits and keep them healthy. Sounds interesting right? 

Find out more through our Top 8 Mushroom coffee review list. We have gathered the best flavors, therapeutic essence, and more. Read on to pick your favorite off of our list. 

Happy drinking to you! 

Our Top Picks 

Laird Superfood Dark Roast Mushroom Coffee – Best for Cognitive Functionality

RapidFire Immune Brew Super Mushroom Coffee – Best for Antioxidant Therapy

Join Top Shelf Grind Mushroom Coffee – Best for Reducing Stress

ECO State Store Mushroom Coffee – Best for Energy Boost

Shroomzup Instant Mushroom Coffee – Best for improving Neuronal Signaling

LOKO Nature Tiger 5 Mushroom Coffee – Best for Maintaining Cholesterol

Om Superfood Latte Mushroom Coffee – Best for Natural Vitality 

Zhou Nutrition 8- Plex mushroom coffee – Best for Circulation 

Laird Superfood Dark Roast Mushroom Coffee

Laird superfood dark roast mushroom coffee is on top of our list because this brand takes special steps while processing mushroom and coffee grains. From the beginning of the season to the harvesting, maintenance of the coffee beans and mushrooms batched is thoroughly monitored. Additionally, premium, certified, and organic Peruvian coffee beans are used to give you exceptional health benefits. The good news is that Laird Superfood has been in competition for a long. Hence, Laired Arabica ground coffee is rich in flavor and has a smooth palate feel.  

As far as the growing and cultivation of coffee beans go, they are handpicked and grown at high altitudes. Specific beans of uniform and medium size are slow roasted in small batches. Additionally, the high altitudes of Peru give the advantage of rich soil so the coffee is the finest. Lastly, the beans are wet processed, and carefully dried to get the maximum flavor.  

A unique blend of superfood mushrooms if mixed together opens a galaxy for you. Let’s find out about what Laird superfood dark mushroom coffee has to offer.  

Laird Superfood Mushroom Coffee Blend 

Chaga: Natural adaptogens that promote anti-aging and vitality by balancing metabolism. 

Lion’s Mane: Supports cognitive function, memory, focus, and clarity, and has been shown in research to boost Nerve Growth Factor (NGF) for nerve cell growth and normal function. 

Cordyceps: Natural energy is used to support endurance and stamina. 


Additional health benefits

Good dark roast coffee

Smooth taste


Only dark belnd is smoother.


RapidFire Immune Brew Super Mushroom Coffee 

RapidFire true to its name is quick to act and in no time boost your immunity. A few sips and you are headed towards a healthy journey. No climate change and slight cold exposure can keep you from enjoying yourself to your fullest. Additionally, RapidFire super mushroom coffee is a convenient fast brew capsule that is quickly mixed and slides down your throat giving true ecstasy. Now the thing that contributes to your immunity is masterfully made.  

The premium blend of high quality mushroom and coffee seeds ashwagandha and potent adaptogenic herbs have been used around different ethnicities in the world. Years of research and lab testing have resulted in low carb beans that keep you strong and healthy. Moreover, each delightful cup contains 150 mg of natural caffeine derived from the finest medium roast coffee beans, providing an energy boost and helping you stay active. 

RapidFire Mushroom Coffee Blend 

Immune Brew’s 8 Mushroom Blend contains Cordyceps, turkey tail, Chaga, Reishi, maitake, shiitake, lion’s mane, and oyster mushrooms. Antioxidants, in particular, provide immunological defense for your body by combating free radical damage and keeping you healthy. As a result, mushrooms go a step further by carrying super antioxidants glutathione and ergothioneine. Additionally, these compounds may aid in the prevention of aging and the production of energy. 


Energetic mushroom coffee

Tastes delicius

Compatible with your normal additives


High carbs present.

Lookout for knock offs. 

Join Top Shelf Grind Mushroom Coffee 

Want to catch up on days worth of tasks? If you have been sluggish or burnout is weighing you down then it is time you sipped Join Top shelf grind mushroom coffee. It clears brain fog and is one of the natural and healthy boosters available on the market. Drink a cup of genius with premium dark roast coffee beans. Additionally, the high concentration of lion’s mane compared to other quality extracted mushrooms is a game changer. A sip of join top shelf mushroom coffee in the morning gives you a boost and first hand experience of what timely and nutritional mushrooms can do.  

For years, Join top shelf has adapted a technique to using expert eyes for mushroom fruiting bodies that give the best essence, then the mushrooms are cleaned and taken into labs for further testing. Moreover, for best absorption and efficiency, the coffee has been carefully processed to contain 1 percent active beta glucan polysaccharides.  

Mushroom coffee increases cognitive performance by naturally increasing the release of neurotransmitters in the brain, which improves concentration, focus, and memory. It was created with the intention of being both powerful and effective. 

Join Top Shelf Mushroom Coffee blend 

Lion’s Mane can aid those who want to live a more active lifestyle by reducing stress and anxiety while also improving a multitude of health-related areas. 


Use superpowers to your advantage 

Natural Mood Enhancer 

Health conscious 

Stimulate creativity

Risk free guarantee


Expresso flavor is lacking

Not recommended for hypertensive patients

ECO State Store Mushroom Coffee 

Eco state store mushroom coffee is for people who want to boost their focus while enjoying sipping their morning coffee. It has advanced health benefits so you are getting a dose of improved concentration and immunity each day. The best part is that the coffee is as organic as it gets. Additionally, the dark coffee beans have the original bittersweet taste. As well as the absence of additional flavorings and additives during the processing step gives you an unfiltered coffee experience. As far as the mushrooms go, the concoction of 7 in 1 blend is the best.  

You are welcome to experiment with other natural flavors as the mushrooms are 100% water soluble. ECO star does not want to deprive coffee lovers and that is why it offers unbeatable prices. In addition to that ECO has been in the industry since 2002 and has a large and economical coffee supply. Regardless of a casual workday, a social gathering, or sports practice the superfood coffee blend improves your focus naturally. 

ECO state Mushroom Coffee blend 

ECO-TASTE 7 in 1 mushroom coffee was mixed with Reishi Extract (20 percent beta-glucans, 1 percent triterpenes), Chaga Extract (20 percent beta-glucans), Rhodiola Extract (1 percent salidroside, 3 percent rosavin), Ginseng Extract (10 percent ginsenosides), Eleuthero Extract (0.8 percent Eleutherosides), Cordyceps Extract (0.8 percent Eleutherosides), Cordyce (1 percent cordycepin). All working together to deliver exceptional daily clean energy while containing less caffeine than competitors! 


7 in 1 blend

Unbeatable price

Organic processing


Blend flavor

Request a certified product. 

Shroomzup Instant Mushroom Coffee 

Your coffee is incomplete without the shroomzup hit in it. Shroomzup understands that there is no booster better than a natural one that gives you mental clarity as well. Additionally, the mushrooms are extracted through a special process so the distribution of nutritional cordyceps is uniform in each packet. To get the best from nature you have to find a balanced and long lasting natural caffeine source.  

If you want to feed your brain to perform its best for upcoming exams then it needs shroomzup coffee. The potent concentration of mushrooms clears the fog in no time. Furthermore, the top quality components and the ideal concentration levels in shroomzup blends are the results of many years of skill and study, providing you with excellent flavor and efficacy. Though Shroomzup has a mushroom flavor, their Special Instant Coffee Mushroom Mix has none. Most of all the components are all natural. There are no fillers and no artificial flavors! 

Shroomzup Instant Mushroom Coffee blend 

 Additionally, it has 75 grams of Cordyceps extract for long term energy. What more? 1.5g Arabica & Robusta for a balanced kick and great coffee flavor is added for energy. Plus, 25g Lion’s Mane extract for memory and concentration is the best way to get your brain to fire neuronal signals.  


Improves anxiety

Potent concentration of Lion’s mane mushroom

Gluten free


Restocking takes time

Hard to blend

LOKO Nature Tiger 5 Mushroom Coffee 

Loko nature brings you endless health benefits. Do the obvious reasons this coffee brand boosts your immunity as most others do. However, the mixture of premium mushroom blends brings you possibilities you never would have thought of. Firstly, the 100% Arabica seeds give you a rich coffee taste. Add another mild flavor of mushrooms present in the blend that prevents your taste buds from getting overwhelmed.  

The aromatic and smooth taste of coffee is icing on top of therapeutic activities. LOKO believes you should know about everything that goes in your body. Not only that but you will find an elaborative guide of mushrooms on the packaging. This will help you navigate through your requirements. A great example of that would be the presence of Tiger Mushroom coffee that has been used for centuries to help lower cholesterol, reduce inflammation, improve mental clarity, promote stamina, and halt the aging process. 

Best of all LOKO mushroom coffee has Polyphenols, polysaccharides, vitamins, and other nutrients that can be found in selective Mushroom Coffees. Hence, enjoy a cup whenever you want a tasty treat or when you need a surge of energy. Furthermore, with a 30 day money back guarantee there is no turning back from this one! 

LOKO Nature mushroom coffee blend 

  • Arabica Instant Coffee is 100 percent Arabica (60mg) – low caffeine content and great flavor for a tasty and healthy cup of coffee 
  • Anti-inflammatory Reishi Mushroom (200mg) 
  • Chaga Mushroom (200mg) – reduces cholesterol and slows the aging process. 
  • Maitake Mushroom (200mg) – Boosts mental acuity. 
  • Shiitake mushroom (200mg) – contains a lot of fiber and B vitamins. 
  • Antioxidant-rich Turkey Tail mushroom (200mg) 


Power up the immune system

Subtle mushroom flavor

Contains vitamins and polysaccharides 


Overwhelming mushroom smell

Addition of polyphenols has changed the taste 

Om Superfood Latte Mushroom Coffee 

Founders Sandra Carter and mycologist Steve Farrar have always shown keen interest in mushrooms. What better way to come up with than forming a mushroom coffee that has high consumption rates. Not only that you get a harmonized blend of two things at one time. A blend of carefully chosen mushrooms combined with high quality coffee is boosting. Additionally, on grown controls, every aspect of their mushroom growing, drying, milling and packaging. Nothing escapes the state of the art facility with coffee that gives robust immune support and is vegan friendly. For gluten sensitive patients there are alternative coffee beans available.  

Om growth offers 2000 mg organic mushroom superfood per serving for optimal support. The serving is divided into 10 packets. It has an invigorating blend of organic coffee and beneficial mushrooms to help with immune health, attention, and natural vitality. Not to mention, Om Mushroom functional beverages are USDA certified organic, non-GMO, and have undergone third-party testing to ensure high quality! 

Om Superfood mushroom coffee blend 

Om Mushroom Coffee Latte is made with organic Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Cordyceps, and Chaga superfood mushrooms and contains 10 packets of 100 percent Arabica organic coffee with less than 2 grams of sugar. Lion’s Mane supports memory focus while cordyceps help elevate energy. When it comes to chaga it outsmarts the free radicals for healthy aging and the immune system.  


High quality

Premium mushroom supplement

100% organic


High sugar content

Lacks earthy flavor 

Zhou Nutrition 8- Plex mushroom coffee 

 How about trying a coffee that is centered on your comfort. From the taste to the blend and mushroom combination Zhou Nutrition is centered on coffee lovers. Moreover, the main aim of the brand is to target immunocompromised people so they can be as vigilant as they used to be. Nothing beats the organic blend especially when you can add it to any of your preferences in form of milk, tea, or smoothie. To boost the immunity flowing towards your brain for increased cognition, clarity, and memory, complex helps maintain the protective fibers around nerves in the brain. 

Zhou nutrition uses adaptogens’ stress-relieving properties to support a healthy immune system, fight disease, and cope with mental and physical stress. GMP (good manufacturing practices) must be followed in a Zhou facility, as well as the use of only the highest-quality ingredients. Furthermore, everything is tested at this company’s facility in Utah, so you can rest assured that you’re feeding your body the best. 

Zhou Nutrition mushroom coffee blend 

Zhou mushrooms are high in antioxidants and minerals, as well as phytonutrients that promote good circulation. Additionally, the nutrient-dense superfood blend will help you maintain mental clarity, vitality, endurance, and immunity throughout any season. As well as the organic and fermented reishi, maitake, lion’s mane, cordyceps, chaga, turkey tail, shiitake, and royal Agaricus mushroom blend is the ideal addition to any coffee. 


High anti oxidant power

Easy to blend

Improves body natural response


Return policy needs improvement

The packaging contains less products than expected

Factors your Mushroom Coffee should have – 2021 Updated Buyer’s Guide 

We have put forward mushroom coffee brands and their reviews in front of you. If you have had the experience of tasting mushroom coffee and want to try more. Welcome!  

However, before you start buying a variety for yourself you should know what to keep in mind. Look through our expert lens. Below, we have mentioned important factors that will help you land an ideal mushroom coffee.  

Let’s get started! 


The taste of the coffee can vary from brand to brand. Mostly the taste is enhanced or flavored with your favorite essence. However, the reason mushroom coffee is famous is also because it tastes similar to regular coffee. If you are grumpy about a different taste then there is nothing to worry about. In fact, most brands mention a lack of strong mushroom taste so you can enjoy your regular coffee with additional health benefits.  


It may seem out of the blue but the pan in which you heat your morning coffee is essential. The majority of electric frying pans are constructed of durable aluminum, which is ideal for retaining heat within the pan. Aside from the pan itself, the majority of electric frying pans have heat resistant, silicone handles that allow you to take the pan from the stove to the table without getting burned. 

Mushrooms Filtering

Like coffee beans, the quality of mushrooms differs with each brand. You get the healthy mushrooms or their essence. Our goal is to tackle the nutritional organic mushroom that is of the best quality. However, looking at the packaging will tell you even less. Here is how you will detect the mushroom quality! 

·        Growing 

Mushroom coffee brands grow their mushrooms on their own. However, proper mushroom growth requires looking after. The quality of the mushroom while growing can be determined by the fertilizers and chemicals given to it.  


If a mushroom harvester is supplying fungus to a coffee firm, it is critical to know the reputation of the source. The supplier’s work ethic and growth procedures have a direct impact on the quality of the coffee mix. It’s usually a good idea to seek out sources that grow their coffee inside under strict supervision to ensure the highest quality. 


The last step is significant in regards to you getting the end product to your liking. The mushrooms are grounded and powdered along with the coffee beans. However, raw mushroom grinding is usually followed by maceration and extraction. Due to the introduction of better alternative methods, the old extraction process is not preferred.  


Make sure you are looking at the blend and composition of mushrooms before buying mushroom coffee. Moreover, we have mentioned the coffee blend so you can get a closer look at the ingredients. Besides, the coffee tastes the same as a regular one so your focus is mostly on the mushrooms. If you want particular health benefits then lookout for a specific mushroom in high composition in the ingredient list.  

Composition of Mushroom Coffee 

Determining the competition of mushroom coffee is easier than you think. You need to know about the therapeutic activities of mushrooms to get your pick. We have listed a brief structure below that can help you get further! 

Cordyceps: You are probably amazed to study that cordyceps is a parasitic fungus that grows at the backs of insect larvae. It’s been related to a slew of fitness advantages, along with helping with weight loss.  

Lion’s Mane: These white spiny mushrooms are famed for cognitive and nerve fitness advantages, in addition to their capacity to decorate the immune device and enhance mood.  

Reishi: These brown bracket mushrooms can decorate your immune device, come up with extra energy, and assist you to relax. Regular Reishi use can also assist to relieve tension and despair. 

Chaga: These knotty black mushrooms may also assist to lessen irritation and blood sugar levels, in addition to having the most anti cancer qualities. 

Health Benefits of Mushroom Coffee 

Finally, we will tackle the topic that everyone quickly wants to jump onto.  

There is no denying mushroom coffee has many health benefits. It does not only cut back on your caffeine intake but there is more. Additionally, caffeine intake will already solve most of your health issues already. However, read on to find out more! 


We have mentioned brands that specifically target immunity. Reishi mushroom in particular is the best for boosting immunity. It increases the resistance of the body against infection so the slightest cold is not as effective in causing discomfort as it used to be.  

Muscle relaxant 

Muscle relaxation is the most visible way of relieving stress. Additionally, your body movement and thinking process improved in a relaxed mind as your brain is stress free. Bunched muscles only elevate the issues.  


Caffeine is a stimulant that activates our body and hypes it up. While it is a good thing for a normal person it’s not the same for a heart patient. You do not want your heart rate to spike when you already have hypertension. Additionally, a constant state of high blood pressure is not favorable for individuals.  


Due to increased oxidation the number of free radicals increases in our body. Free radicals are harmful to body cells as they cause aging and increase cell proliferation which may ultimately lead to several types of cancers. In that case, mushroom coffee decreases the number of free radicals.  

Mental health 

Lastly, one of the major reasons for high mushroom coffee consumption is mental health. The combination of mushrooms, especially Lion’s Mane, is favorable for people that have low energy and often lose their focus. The therapeutic activities of mushrooms activate the neuronal system of the brain so you have better focus and sharp memory retention. Additionally, your concentration and confidence boost up resulting in a productive workday.  

Drawbacks of Mushroom Coffee 

No significant drawbacks have been reported regarding mushroom coffee. That would be because the test trials have been done on lab animals more than humans. As far as that testing goes all adaptogens have proven to be significant in improving the quality of your life. Due to limited data, there is not much to look into.  

We have gathered information that will give you insight. For example, the Reishi mushroom has been associated with increasing hepatitis susceptibility in a small percentage of people. Similarly, mushrooms like Lion’s mane that have a high number of anti oxidants can backfire against your immune system and cause minor issues. These effects have been spotted in a small percentage of people to be officially declared worrisome.  

However, if you face discomfort or health problems of any kind, we recommend getting in contact with your health care provider.  

Mushroom Coffee vs. Regular Coffee 

According to the national nutrient database of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the mushroom coffee beverage includes half the amount of caffeine as ordinary coffee, which contains 95mg of caffeine per eight ounces. Mushroom coffee has a caffeine concentration similar to green tea, which has 50mg of caffeine per eight ounces. 

Despite the fact that mushroom coffee has less caffeine than regular coffee, it may offer better energy boosting benefits and fewer adverse effects. That is because the mix of nutritional mushrooms has added to the value of the coffee and given alternate health benefits discussed above.  

Dosage Requirement 

When someone takes the mushrooms themselves, the largest doses are seen. Depending on the size of the mushrooms, doses can range from 25 to 100 grams in certain circumstances. However, keep an eye out for the mushroom type you are consuming. As a general rule, this dose is sufficient; however, if you are using supplements, we recommend reducing your mushroom coffee intake. 

Remember that dried mushroom extract is frequently utilized. In that instance, the dose is roughly ten times lower than when the mushroom is consumed whole. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How does mushroom coffee make you feel? 

Unlike regular coffee mushroom coffee does not hype you up or make you feel psychoactive, even with regular coffee there is a certain amount that will do that. As for mushroom coffee, it has relaxing properties that increase your productivity in a healthy way.  

Is mushroom Coffee better for your stomach? 

Mushrooms reduce the acid levels of the stomach preventing ulcers and GERD like complications. It soothes the stomach wall and helps it regenerate. Unlike regular coffee that can spike the acidity level and cause several stomach issues.  

How to use mushroom coffee? 

To make a delicious and quick cup of mushroom coffee, mix 1 teaspoon of coffee powder with 6-8 ounces of water (hot or cold with ice for cold brew), stir, and enjoy. Remember to give it a good shake before using. As far as the quality goes the directions for that are usually mentioned on the packaging.  

Does mushroom coffee help you lose weight? 

Mushroom Coffee increases the metabolism of the body that can help you lose weight. There is no unnatural way of losing weight with a good quality organic mushroom coffee. Secondly, due to the alkaline nature, it improves diet and further reduces weight.  

Does mushroom coffee have coffee in it? 

Yes. Mushroom coffee, as the name implies, is a combination of coffee ground beans with powdered mushrooms that creates a perfect blend of richness, fragrances, and health benefits. Mushroom coffee contains less caffeine than ordinary coffee. 


We hope we have made mushroom coffee all the more delicious for you. Make sure you have gone through our informational content of the article as it will help you land the best. Additionally, our chosen brands have promising results. Hopefully, you will enjoy these brands as much as we did.  

Give us your feedback and if you have any questions. Please ask. We will be delighted to answer! 

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