Mud Water FAQs

Do mud water ship outside of the states?
No, shipping is only within the US.
Do I need a coffee machine to make mud water?
No, all you need is 12oz of hot water and one spoon of mud water powder.
How much caffeine in mud water?
It’s about 1/7th the caffeine of a 12 ounce cup, so roughly 30 mg.
What if I’d like to have higher protein content in my mud water?
You may freely blend more protein in your mud.
What is the PH level of mud water?
PH level is similar to coffee (between 5.31 – 5.41)
How much sugar is in mud water?
Mud water contains 0 mg of sugar
Any way to try mud water once without subscription
Yes, select the ON DEMAND option here.
Does Mud Water contain cinnamon?
Yes, cinnamon is used in both 30 serving rest and 90 serving rise.
What is the shelf life of Mud Water?
The shelf life is around 11 months, see the expiration on the package.
What is the smallest Mud Water I can get?
The smallest is 15 serving, see 15 Mud Sachet Box.
How much Chai does Mud Water contains?
6g serving size contains 500mg of chai

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