Mud Water 30 Serving Tin Reviewed

The 30 serving tin of mud wtr consists of 180g of powder. It is a monthly supply of MUD WTR coffee for many however you can use it just as you want. The mud comes in a matte black tin which is not only reusable but also recyclable.

The mud water is pretty much a substitute for coffee and other caffeinated drinks. It’s healthier, tastes better, and have lesser health concerns in contrast to caffeine. Although it too is a caffeinated drink, the ingredients are more organic and less severe.

In appearance, it looks more like cocoa powder. It is made to provide you energy in the healthiest way without any jitters or anxiety.


If offers two different packages. If you’re getting it on demand then it costs $50. However, if you’re a monthly subscriber of MUD WTR coffee, then you would get 20% off on it. And then it costs you $40 with free shipping.

How does the MUD WATER taste?

The mud water coffee has a taste similar to Chai with a bit of spices. When you take the first sip of the mudwater, you instantly feel that this was going to be one of the favorite drinks because of the heavenly taste. It tastes so much better than a cup of coffee because of all the organic ingredients blended together in such a perfect way.

It contains Masala chai, chocolate, spices, and many other flavors that make it tastes so good like literally; it is best in taste. The mud water is a delightful experience with layers of flavors balancing out each other.

Benefits of Mud Wtr

For many people, a cup of coffee daily is the morning is a ritual, and they don’t go after its goods and bads. Here I would like to share with you all the benefits this mud water coffee has to offer.


The first and foremost thing which you experience instantly is that it provides alertness without causing any jitters. When you drink coffee, most people experience jitters, and some go through mild anxiety, but there are no such issues with this mud water.

Healthy immune system

Mud water is not just an instant drink with short term effects. Rather it impacts your overall physical and psychological system. Due to the presence of different kinds of mushrooms (Reishi and Chaga), mud water enhances immunity.

When you take this drink on a daily basis, it will boost your immune system and optimize your mind and body.

Energy booster

Many people drink coffee in order to improve their energy levels (especially in the morning). But as I just mentioned earlier, coffee causes jitters and can cause serious health issues. And if you’re looking for a healthy alternative, the mudwater is for you.

The presence of Cordyceps and Cacao makes this an energy booster. You can get your daily energy dose with this one without comprising your physical and mental health.

Improves mental capacity

If you struggle with poor focus and lousy memory at the beginning of your day, the mud water can be the ultimate solution for you. The presence of Lion’s mane is the ideal deal here. Lion’s mane is best known for improving the focus and keeping the memory intact.

So with a cup of this magical drink, your life is going to be changed like no other. You will see a clear difference within a few days of consuming the Mud WTR.

Exotic Taste

Last but not least is the taste or I better call is as exotic taste. Like coffee, the mud water also has a bold flavor. But the perfect blend of extra-ordinary ingredients makes it much more than a simple cup of coffee. You get to experience different tastes with a single cup serving.

If you’re someone who loves Chai, this is going to be an addiction for you (saying that based on my firsthand experience). So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and start your journey with this exceptionally tasty morning drink.

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